Red Queen
Some attributes
Name Red Queen
Status Alive
Faction Light
Other attributes
World Red
Class Ball-shaped creature
Number of appearances 11

Red Queen (or simply Red) is the ruler of Red World and the tritagonist in Hero of Many. She often serves as a lady in mitress.

Role in plotEdit

She first appeared in level 5 when was chased by a group of black water-beings but hid herself. She then accompanied Hero until they were attacked by Black and separated when Hero was eaten. She went to Green World where they were reunited. She participated in healing of the Tree of Life and following battle against Black. She didn't accompany Hero on his way to Blue World but instead she returned to Red World .

There she reunited with Hero but they were atacked by Black and had to run. Together they reached a Red Cell where she received a power that allowed her to fight.

Red Queen along with Hero lunched an assault that pushed enemie from the area and liberated Red Nest. Soon sfter the battle they had to run from here as Black returned and conquered it back. Red Queen was then separated until Hero helped her. It however led to Hero's presumed demise as he came to contact with Black Mass.

She appeared in the beginning of level 25 and also in outro when she picked up fragments of energy from Hero's body and was putting them across the world.

Relationship with Hero Edit

Dancing with Red

Red Queen dancing with Hero

She is usually on run when they meet and Hero has to save her but sometimes is it she who helps him. he tried to save him when was falling to the depth and she save him when was attacked by the Earth Dragon. On the other hand Hero saved her in level 23 in cost of his swarm and amost his life.

It can be presumed that they have feelings for each other as they danced together when they were happy. Hero's sacrifice in level 23 suggests that he cared for her more than for his swarm as he sacrificed it for her too.


Similarly to Hero, she starts as a weak creature but she has power that allows her to replenish Hero's power. She later gains a power that allows her to make a schockwave to destroy some objects or chuck enemies away.


  • She is the most prominent character who is alive in the end.
  • She possibly is the weakest ball-shaped creature in game.
  • She is the third most prominent character in game.