Playable Water-being
Some attributes
Name Playable Water-being
Status Deceased
Faction Dark


Other attributes
World Grey
Class Water-being

Black Captain

Number of appearances 2 levels
Playable Water-being Black
Playable Water-being is a character that is playable in Hero of Many. He was originally a Water-being that was following Grey until they were turned black. He was then to Black and participated in his early battles. He was later turned into Black Captain. After a few battles he was killed in battle with Hero.

He originally appeared just as another Black Captain that encountered Hero but player was allowed to undergone what led to this moment by his point of view. Player even encounters Hero but can do nothing to defeat him.


  • He is the only playable character in Hero of Many besides Hero.
  • He is one of two Water-beings that are tranformed into Black Captain on-screen.
Water-being neing turned into Black Captain

Turning into Black Captain

Hero vs Playable

Last battle