Some attributes
Name Friend
Status Deceased
Faction Light


Other attributes
World Grey
Class Water Being

Black Captain

Number of appearances 24 levels

Old Friend is the deuteragonist in Hero of Many. He appears in almost every level and always follows the game's protagonist - Hero. He starts as a little water-being that actually eveoves into a strong creature. He proved himself to be loyal, brave and smart companion to Hero. He was eventually captured and turned into Black Captain. In this form he attacked his former leader and was killed.

Role in plotEdit

He was a part of Hero's escort that was ambushed by balck water-beings and destroyed. He was along with Hero the only one to survive but they were separated from each other. Soon they reunited and Hero gained power that allowed him to gather a swarm of water-beings. The together started their fight against aggressors.

Friend was the only one who followed Hero when he lost his swarm in their first encounter with Black. They were together trapped in a stomach of giant fish but freed themself. Hero then restored his swarm and continued in his effort. They were separated for the first time when Hero had to undergone a test by Blue.

He also participated in offensive against center of Red World that was cleared from black occupants. Friend also helped Hero with work in the nest but soon after this moment they had to flee as Black attacked th nest.

Friend was captured when Hero sacrificed himself for Red Queen. He was later turned by into a Black Captain and killed by Hero .


  • He is the second most prominent character in Hero of Many as he appeared in almost every level.
  • He has shorter tail than other Water-beings.It could be caused by injury from past battles.
  • He is very strong which could along with his injured tail mean that he is a very experienced fighter.
  • He is alnked to a Steam achevement Reunion.