AchivementsBall-shaped CreatureBlack
Black-and-White WorldBlack CaptainBlack Captain (Class)
Black Captain (character)Black MassBlue
Blue WorldCaptain SlayerDaemon Dragon
Earth DragonEnergy BallsEscapist
GreenGreen WorldGrey
Grey CrystalGrey WorldGuardian
HeroHero of Many WikiKraken
Labyrinth MonsterLevelsOld Friend
Playable Water-beingReceptionRed Cell
Red QueenRed WorldRescuer
Steam Greenlight CampaignTempleTentacles
Tree of LifeTrickster ArtsWater-being
File:Abyss Monster.jpgFile:Black-and-White World.jpgFile:Black.png
File:Black Captain.pngFile:Black Water-being.pngFile:Blue.jpg
File:Blue World.jpgFile:Captain slayer.jpgFile:Communitylogo.png
File:Daemon Dragon.jpgFile:Dancing with Red.jpgFile:Dying Hero.jpg
File:Earth Dragon.jpgFile:Escapist.jpgFile:Esempio.jpg
File:Example.jpgFile:Forum new.gifFile:Friend.jpg
File:GDS 2013 Matouš Ježek - Od AAA k indie aneb cesta k vlastní hřeFile:Green.jpgFile:Green World.jpg
File:Grey.jpgFile:Grey World.jpgFile:Guardian.jpg
File:Hero Of Many OST - PreviewFile:Hero fights Black.jpgFile:Hero fights Kraken.jpg
File:Hero gains Aura.jpgFile:Hero in chamber.jpgFile:Hero just before meeting Green.png
File:Hero of Many - Launch trailerFile:Hero vs Playable.jpgFile:HoM Poster.png
File:Hom.soundtrack.jpgFile:Labyrinth Monster.jpgFile:Lights from Hero.jpg
File:Little Hero.pngFile:Playable Water-being.jpgFile:Playable Water-being Black.jpg
File:Primal Virtue.jpgFile:Przykład.jpgFile:Red Queen.jpg
File:Red World.jpgFile:Red taking lights.jpgFile:Rescuer.jpg
File:Tea Club 7 Matouš Ježek o Hero of Many a vyprávění příběhůFile:Trickster Arts.jpgFile:Trickster Arts 2.jpg
File:Water-being neing turned into Black Captain.jpgFile:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki-wordmark.png

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