No. Synopsis
1 The game starts as Hero is migrating together with a group of White Water-beings. They are attacked by enemies and almost everyone is killed. Hero falls to the depth but survives. He decides to reach Aura. He has to avoid enemies on his way.  He meets Old Friend as he approach the Aura. Together they reach it and Hero gains a power that allows him lead Water-beings. He starts to gather them and fight enemies back.
2 Hero and

Friend continue in offensive against Black Water-beings. They accidentally unleash trapped Black Captain who begins to gather his own swarm and kills every White Water-being on his way. Hero starts to chase Black Captain.

3 Hero continues to chase Black Captain. Black Captain lures him to the trap. Hero and Friend manage to escape. They start to recover forces and also come across a feast that allows Water-beings to grow and become stronger. They meet Black Captain again as he executes a Water-beings for his entertainment. They also find a prison camp full of trapped White Water-beings. This allows them to replenish their forces and start attack they encounter Black Captain and kill him.
4 Hero finds out that Black Water-beings are led by Black who is also a ball-shaped creature just like him. It is also revealed that there are more creatures like Black Captain. Hero continues in his crusade and reaches Grey Crystal , that is center of Grey World . It is currently spoiled by Dark but Hero lightens it. Hero and his swarm then reachs teleport that transports him to Red World.
5 In Red World Hero meets Red Queen who is hiding from enemies. They joint forces but soon approach Black. Red Queen hides herself but Hero tries to fight. Black easily defeats him and Hero falls to the depth. He is followed by Friend and Req Queen who desperately tries to help him. In the end Hero and Old Friend are eaten by Whale.
6 Hero and Old Friend are trapped in Whale's stomach. There they meet little dragons who annoys them. They both get back into mouth where they force the fish to spit them out.
7 Hero and Old Friend reach the border with Green World . They enter it but has to avoid enemies until they set free a swarm that is trapped. Hero leads the swarm  and engages enemy, Together they set free another water-beings and reach a steam. They have to go up-stream and face enemis and falling stones.
8 Hero and his swarm are surrounded by enemies but they are helped by Green. Green then leads Hero to a Nest full of eggs. Swarm helps little Water-beings to hatch out and aid Hero. Hero and swarm then heads further to Green World.. 
9 Hero continues in his way through Green World as Green guides him. 
10 Hero is still on his way in Green World but now totally separated from Green. He sees Black Mass which turns White Water-beings to Black. After a while he finds Green Seed which makes roots to make way. Hero procceds to Tree of Life where he meets Green. The Tree is rotten so Hero the uses seed to heal it but he needs four other seeds. In the end Hero set ups to find them.
11 Hero is looking for seeds. His search is successful but is attacked and almost killed by Earth Dragon. In last moments is saved by Red Queen who shows up. Tpgether they return to the Tree.
12 The Tree of Life is healed but Hero and his friend have to face strong assault led by Black . During the attack, Green is killed but Black is forced to retreat. Energy from Green's body enters the tree where it grows into fruit. The fruit is eaten by Hero who gains Green's power. Hero and his swarm set up to pursue  Black.
14 Hero is flushed by stream. He has to regain his warm which is spread on a wide space. When the swarm is complete he starts attack against Black Water-beings. He procceeds to the Temple there he meets enemy swarm led by another another Black Captain and destroys it. He then conquers the temple wher he meets Blue who puts him under the test.
15 Hero has to undergo another part of test. In the end he kills Labyrinth Monster and meets Blue again. Blue puts him to sleep.

In the Dream Hero sees events that led to creation of Black and his empire. He sees these events with eyes of a Water-being. The Water-being follows Grey as he gathers other Water-beings to Red Cell. In the course of one of their trip they come across Black Mass which turns them black. Grey becomes Black and begins a crusade against White Water-beings. Hero sees as the Water-being participates in Black's early battles until is turned  into Black Captain . As a Black Captain the water-being leads his own swarm until meets Hero at the Temple and is killed.

At the moment Hero wakes up and is taught a new power by Blue.

17 Hero decides to leave Blue World and sets up to return to Red World. He goes through enemy Nest and also fights Kraken.
18 Hero gets into Red World and starts to fight Black Water-beings there. In the end he meets Red Queen who is under attack.
19 Hero and Red Queen are forced to undego a death race with Black to survive. 
20 Hero and Red Queen escapes Black and continues in their way to the center of Red World.
21 Hero and Red Queen ae forced to run as they are attacked by enemies who outnumber them. They reach the Red Cell where Blue saves them. Red Queen gains new power and starts together with Hero an offensive which pushes enemies out. Together they enter a Red Nest where Hero lightens a lantern and together they give an energy to eggs as they start dancing with each other.
22 Hero and Friend helps little water-being to hatch out. It is also needed to open enrgy portals near the Red Cell. Hero helps with it and Red Queen learns him the power she was taught. In the end the nest is attacked by Black and everyone has to retreat. Hero and Red Queen are trapped by Blue who refuses to make them way. When Black nearly gets them they escape.
23 Hero and Friend, separated from Red Queen regains the swarm and attacks enemies in Grey World. They kill many enemis and have to face even Dragons but kills them. As Hero continues to engage enemies, Red Queen shows up, attacked by enemies. Hero is forced sacrifice himself and his swarm to save her. Eventhough she escapes, Hero and his swarm touches the Black Mass and Old Friend is captured by Black.
24 Hero finds himself in Black-and-White World which is full of  Balck Water-beings and tentacles. He is running formthem untl he meets Green who helps him out. Hero is reborn and gains new swarm.

Hero prepares for the final battle as he meets Red Queen. This meeting can be considered to be their farewell. Hero is now stronger than ever and begins the final battle. Crushes enemy forces and pursues enemies. He even faces another bunch of Dragons. After a whike he meets Friend who is turned into Black Captain Hero has to kill him.

Black is pursued to a lighthouse which is deffended by Daemon Dragon who is defeated by Hero and his swarm. Hero then enters the lighthouse

26 Hero duels Black . They try to absorb the other one and Hero wins and absorbs his archnemessis along with his darknes. He leaves the lighthouse but is exhausted so lays himself to the ground. There he dissolves the darkness and dies. There are multiple llights of energy coming from his body and Red Queen takes them. She puts them across the world as credits roll.