Some attributes
Name Blue
Status Alive
Faction Light
Dark (possibly)
Other attributes
World Blue
Class Ball-shaped creature
Number of appearances 6 missions

Blue is a supporting character in Hero of Many. He is introduced when Hero liberates the Sacred Temple in Blue World He probably didn't trust him at first as he put him into test but then he reveled to Hero how the war with black water-beings started and taught him a new power.

He later joined Hero and Red Queen in Red World when he helped them as they were being chased by enemies who outnumbering their forces. He stayed with them until Black led counter-attack. He then left both Hero and Red Queen to their fate as he trapped them by Blue Crystal and rejected to open.


He has multiple powers. He taught Hero summoning Water-beings to himslef. He was also seen teleporting other creatures. Another of his powers is moving with Blue Crystals.

Trivia Edit

  • He is along with Hero and Grey the only Ball-shaped creture affiliated with Light Faction who was seen gathering water-beings and actually the only one who is alive.
  • He glowing dark when he left Hero and Red Queen. It suggests that he could be infected by Black Mass. It is however unlikely as he didn't change the colour. It also has to be noted that he was glowing dark when he put Hero to the test but he verifably wasn't infected.