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Achivements are featured in Steam version of the game. There are totally 14 Achivements.

List of Achivements Edit

  • Reunion - Reunite with the old friend.
  • Rescuer - Save 10 Friends.
  • Savior - Save 100 Friends.
  • Guardian - Save 200 Friends.
  • Keeper of the Light - Light up all the lanterns in the Afterlife.
  • Captain Slayer - Defeat a Captain .
  • Dragon Slayer - Defeat the Daemon Dragon .
  • Resurrection - Return to the world of living.
  • Survivor - Finish each level without dying.
  • Love - ...
  • Tree of Life - Bring The Tree back to life.
  • Escapist - Escape the whale
  • Collector - Collect 250 energy balls
  • The End - Finish the game.

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